The evidence is overwhelming. The flu vaccine usually does not work!

Every year around the same time the news media floods us with dire predictions about the upcoming flu season, the possibility (or probability!) of an uncontrollable pandemic, and the latest information on the stockpile, or lack of the flu vaccine.


In a typical flu season, only 20 percent of all flu-like illness is actually influenza. This year, the CDC is wisely admitting that this year’s influenza vaccine does not match the circulating strains and is advising common sense strategies for prevention and management of flu.


The fact is that more than half of the influenza virus strains circulating in the U.S. right now are Type A and B strains that are not covered in this year’s influenza vaccine. People should understand that natural experience with type A or type B influenza will produce immunological memory that will help minimize the risk of a severe case of that same strain of influenza when it circulates in the future. 


Many Americans are taking steps to deal with influenza or flu-like illnesses by enhancing the functioning of the immune system through diet, exercise and other positive lifestyle and health care changes. And if they do get the flu, they are taking a common sense approach that can include holistic alternatives in their wellness or healing plan, such as chiropractic adjustments, homeopathic and naturopathic remedies, acupuncture and other health care options. 

The Body Works! Neuromuscular Reeducation Program has several naturopathic and homeopathic remedies that can assist in immune enhancement and illness prevention.

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Aromatherapy Corner

                  Essential Oils for the cold and flu season

According to experts, “Proper hand washing is one of the most effective methods of preventing the spread of flu”. Is it possible to “properly” wash your hands in a gas station or restaurant rest room with cold water and yucky pink soap? Try carrying around a little bottle of Thieves Spray and use liberally throughout the day! It works great to nip a sore thoat in the bud, too! One to two sprays twice a day is all many folks have needed to avoid illness.thieves-spray


Spend time in a crowded office or school where you are exposed to lots of people sneezing and coughing? For added protection, carry around the new Thieves Hard Lozenges along with your Thieves Spray and your emergency oil arsenal.


Try alternating Thieves Oil and ImmuPower Oil on the bottom of your feet at bedtime throughout the cold and flu season. These complementary oil blends provide a wide range of anti-bacterial and anti-viral germ-busting action.immupower-oil


Clinical research has demonstrated that 100% pure Essential Oils (oils without any solvents or chemical additives) to have Immune Stimulating, Antiviral, Anti-infection, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Antitumoral, Antifungal properties.


Best of all, 100% pure, therapeutic grade Essential Oils are freely available and safe for home use. Many people diffuse the oils into the atmosphere of their homes, helping them create a virus- and bacteria- free pleasant environment.

All of the oils and oil blends discussed in these articles are available for you and your family. Please call

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How Food Makes You Depressed

By Dr. Ray Sahelian

Want to be happier? Eat less junk food and more fish.

 Diet plays a crucial role in mood disorders. Research shows that foods high in omega-3 fatty acids can fight feelings of depression. Conversely, foods loaded with simple carbs can bring you down. Here’s how.

Scientists have found that inflammation in the brain plays a significant role in depression. Natural chemicals called cytokines cause this brain inflammation. If you ever had a low mood or felt depressed during or after a bad case of the flu, then you know first hand how these cytokines, which are released by the immune system, affect your brain. Cytokines also cause loss of appetite, altered sleep patterns and fatigue.

Fortunately, cytokines and other substances that cause inflammation are influenced by diet. When you eat lots of fish or foods with omega-3 fatty acids, your body will make fewer inflammatory cytokines. Therefore, a diet to combat depression should rely heavily on fish and other foods that lower inflammation, such as vegetables. Foods that increase inflammation include those with simple carbohydrates, such as pastries, sweets, ice cream, sugared drinks, and in general what we call “junk foods.”

 Unfortunately, when a patient goes to the doctor feeling depressed, it is unlikely that the physician will do a dietary history. Most likely, the doctor will pull out the prescription pad and write another antidepressant script before you can even spell “depression.” There are many causes for depression. Diet is one cause that is often overlooked.

While people with chronic depression should always be under a physician’s care, they may find that a diet that eliminates simple carbs while increasing healthy omega-3 fats is the best medicine.

 The Lowdown on Sweet?


Excerp from an article by Melanie Warner for The New York Times 2/12/06

Dr. Morando Soffritti, who led tests of aspartame on 1,900 rats, calls it a possible carcinogen.

A study conducted at an Italian cancer research center has rekindled the debate on aspartame. Aspartame is sold under the brand names Nutra-Sweet and Equal and is found in such popular products as Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet Snapple and Sugar Free Kool-Aid. Hundreds of millions of people consume it worldwide. And Dr. Soffritti’s study concluded that aspartame may cause the dreaded “c” word: cancer.


The research found that the sweetener was associated with unusually high rates of lymphomas, leukemias and other cancers in rats that had been given doses of it starting at what would be equivalent to four to five 20-ounce bottles of diet soda a day for a 150-pound person. The study, which involved 1,900 laboratory rats and cost $1 million, was conducted at the European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences, a nonprofit organization that studies cancer-causing substances; Dr. Soffritti is its scientific director.


Dr. Walton, a psychiatrists, has studied aspartame from a neurological perspective, said he had also seen problems from the sweetener firsthand. At Safe Harbor Behavioral Health, a mental health facility in Erie, Pa., where he is clinical director, Dr. Walton said he had observed that for many people with mood disorders, such as depression or bipolar disorder, aspartame exacerbates the condition. “For people with panic disorders, for instance, we’ve seen that when we eliminate aspartame, it’s much easier to control their illness,” he said. “The number of panic attacks goes down.”

Dr. Walton and others say that this is probably attributable to aspartame’s phenyalanine component. (Aspartame is made up of two amino acids, phenyalanine and aspartic acid.) He said that an excess of phenyalanine could upset the body’s balance of neurotransmitters, causing a range of neurological symptoms.


Defenders of aspartame often point out that phenyalanine is naturally present in many protein-intensive foods. But Dr. William M. Pardridge, a professor of endocrinology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, says that when it comes from food, phenyalanine is absorbed into the brain more slowly.

“If your blood phenyalanine level was increased five times, in my view there would be a safety concern,” Dr. Pardridge said. “The question is whether aspartame use could ever increase levels that much, and the answer is yes. We’ve known that for 20 years.”


Dr. Soffritti said he had not studied the effects of phenyalanine. He theorized that the tumors in his study were related to the methanol, or wood alcohol, that is produced as the body metabolizes aspartame. When the body breaks down methanol, the result is formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. “I know that when I treat animals with methanol, you end up with lymphomas and leukemias,” he said. Dr. Soffritti said he thought that more research and open debate were needed on whether aspartame was a carcinogen. “It is very important to have scientists who are independent and not funded by industry looking at this,” he said.

A Sweet Alternative:



agaveThe Awesome Agave

The agave (uh-gah-vay) plant has long been cultivated in hilly, semi-arid soils of Mexico. Its fleshy leaves cover the pineapple-shaped heart of the plant, which contains a sweet sticky juice. Ancient Mexicans considered the plant to be sacred. They believed the liquid from this plant purified the body and soul. When the Spaniards arrived, they took the juices from the agave and fermented them, leading to the drink we now call tequila.

  But there is a more interesting use for this historic plant. Agave syrup (or nectar) is about 90% fructose. Only recently has it come in use as a sweetener. It has a low glycemic level and is a delicious and safe alternative to table sugar. Unlike the crystalline form of fructose, which is refined primarily from corn, agave syrup is fructose in its natural form. This nectar does not contain processing chemicals. Even better, because fructose is sweeter than table sugar, less is needed in your recipes. It can be most useful for people who are diabetic, have insulin resistance (Syndrome X), or are simply watching their carbohydrate intake.

The Body Works! Now Offers The Ion Cleanse for detoxification!

The Ion Cleanseis a spa bath that creates bio-electric field enhancement, increasing your body’s natural ability to heal!  Using the Ion Cleanse is like bathing in your own naturally charged hot spring. It essentially rebalances and amplifies the body’s bio-electric signature and charges the body’s battery.

Treatments in the local area cost as much as $40 for each treatment. We are offering treatments at a significant savings of $25.00 a treatment or $140 for a complete three week detoxification program.

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 The Ion Cleanse is not a medical device and The Body Works! Neuromuscular Reeducation LLC does not claim to diagnose or prescribe


The Body Works! Neuromuscular Reeducation Program

now offers

 Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Anti-Aging Skin Care Program

      The face has over thirty muscles that lie directly below, and are connected to, the skin’s surface. Our faces reveal the health and balance of our internal organs, energy and blood. A person with a healthy, glowing face has good internal energy balance. Conversely, organic weakness and dysfunctions show in the face through dark circles, pale or lusterless skin, blemishes, acne, and excessivewrinkling. In Chinese Medicine, the connection between our skin and internal organs is referred toas theviscero-cutaneous reflex. The stimulation of acupressure points on the face can produce beneficial effects on the internal organs, glands, qi and blood.

      Most cosmetic treatments use very strong and invasive forms of stimulation wounding the dermis to obtain results and primarily act locally on the face–dermabrasion, peels, Botox, surgery, infra-red, intense milliamp current–all with various results.

 Frequency Specific Microcurrnt  (FSM) anti aging and skin care treatments are very different! 

       Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment that stimulates your body’s own natural regenerative powers by increasing the body’s production of ATP – the chemical compound responsible for the transfer of energy between cells in living organisms. FSM has been shown to be effective in the reduction of pain, helping to decrease inflammation and aid in wound healing.

Some of the many benefits of Frequency Specific Microcurrent Skin Care and Anti-Aging Program  include:

  • Diminishes or eliminates fine lines, creases, and wrinkles
  • Hydrates and revitalizes skin, making it smoother and softer
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Visibly firms and contours, lifting  overall droop, tightening sagging jowls, double chins, and fatty cheeks
  • Reduces scarring and dimpling from laser resurfacing
  • Reduces dark circles or puffiness under eyes
  • Reduces symptoms of Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Rosacea.

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 Mid-lifers find natural alternative for looking younger.

A Facelift that Works from the Inside Out.

 You’re a 60 year old woman in pretty good shape except –that the years have really begun to show on your face. Frown lines, crows’ feet, and those dreaded lines around the mouth are all there in plain view. There are dark circles under the eyes, and saggy lids above. Your skin has no luster, and everything on your face has gone slightly south.

If you’re like millions of mid-lifers who try to eat well and exercise, Botox is not an option (You don’t want toxins in YOUR body), and plastic surgery is risky, and certainly not in keeping with a holistic philosophy of health.


So how do you get to look younger, healthier, better without going under the knife?

These days boomers are looking for natural alternatives. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, non-invasive cosmetic procedures are on the rise, from one million in 1997 to seven million in 2003, an increase of a whopping 700-percent.


Many mid-lifers, no strangers to alternative medicine, now understand that health (and beauty) comes from treating the cause rather than the symptoms, from changes made internally rather than externally.


Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) therapy is all about turning back the clock – naturally. A facelift that transforms from the inside out.


Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive therapy that safely and effectively improves the appearance and health of the skin, face and neck. It consists of a gentle, low (sub-sensory) level current of electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural electrical currents. It works directly on the cells, triggering the body’s ability to regenerate – at 60 or at any age.


The result is a firming, smoothing and re-hydration of the skin, with the added benefit of reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In short, with improved muscle tone that lifts jowls, lids and chins and increased circulation that adds a healthy glow to skin, who wouldn’t look better?


FDA approved, Frequency Specific Microcurrent stimulates the production of amino acids and ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the “fuel” your body manufactures for energy. Both of these help to repair damaged cells, produce new ones and accelerate the production of collagen and elastin, two necessary components of youthful skin.


Studies at the University of Washington indicate that skin treated with microcurrent showed a 14-percent increase of natural collagen production, a 48-percent increase in elastin and a 39-percent increase of blood circulation on—all inside of a 20-day time period.

In use in Europe and in the United States since the 1980’s, Frequency Specific Microcurrent is 100% safe. There’s no anesthesia, no side effects, no down time from work. And no pain. (In fact, the current is so low that it does not stimulate the sensory nerves.)


Since its inception, microcurrent has been about helping speed up the healing process – naturally. It has been used extensively in sports medicine (the now famous example of Magic Johnson healing his injury with it in 1988,) an area of medicine where time out really means loss of big money.


Moorestown holistic health practitioner Kristine Allcroft, PhD has seen the effectiveness of Frequency Specific Microcurrent, and uses it in her private practice to aid in the treatment of a variety of conditions. As for turning back the clock, Allcroft says, “I have great results with FSM.  People of every age benefit. The older ones look younger, more rested; everyone looks healthier and more alive.”


The complete facelift and skin care package consists of a 12 week session, with three sessions a week to start. Changes are gradual with noticeable results occurring after the sixth treatment. Sessions last approximately one hour. Effects are long lasting with refresher sessions at proscribed intervals.


Here’s what clients have said about the FSM facelift:

This treatment has made me look and feel years younger. Everyone asks me if I’ve been on vacation. MK


 Besides the visible changes on my face – disappearance of fine lines and dark circles, I also feel better, more energetic. The FSM treatment lifted more than my face. TS


 I am looking better than ever. The FSM treatment gave my skin a whole new look – decreased my pores, tightened my facial muscles and gave me a glow. It even helped clear up an old scar. Loved it! GH