What people are saying about The Body Works!

Andrea Torre Brown says:  Kristine is extremely knowledgeable about her profession. It is so refreshing to find natural alternative ways in dealing with health and body issues. Kristine is also very trustworthy and caring. She provides a very relaxing and warm atmosphere not only in her workplace but you actually can take that feeling home with you every time.”


Jaqi Clements says: “Kristine is great at what she does! My entire family is a patient of hers and we all value her advice and opinions. Her treatment works wonders and has really changed all of our lives! Highly recommended!”


Kirsten Sugarman says: “I have the pleasure of knowing Kristine Allcroft for my entire life. During those years, I have known Kristine in many capacities. Her Holistic Healthcare business has been the joy of her life and it shows when she works with you. She helps people with many forms of health situations, pain and discomfort when all other avenues have been exhausted. Kristine is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable woman. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and compassion.

Mark Newell says: “Dr. Kris has helped both me and my son recover from medical issues after having little result from our primary physicians and the traditional healthcare community. By combining her knowledge of Chinese medicine and a variety of other therapies in balance, Kris was able to get us immediate results by treating the whole body instead of treating symptoms.”


Charles J. Collins, Jr./Architect says “Dr. Kristine is a caring and innovative holistic, alternative care practitioner that compliments my other medial care.”



David Schwedes says “I very strongly recommend Dr. Allcroft’s services to anyone with minor to severe health complications of any kind. I highly value her opinion on nutritional and general health matters and tend to consult her in conjunction with any help sought from traditional medical professionals. She is extremely knowledgeable and has provided useful information, time and again.”

Frank Cosky says “Kristine takes the time necessary to diagnose your health problem and works with you to structure a healty solution for your needs. She is thorough in her work while focusing on your health needs. I highly recommend using Kristine for health-related issues.”


Pat Philipps says:  “I met Kristine over 20 years ago when I was first diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. My prognosis was a decline in kidney function and then dialysis. I am convinced that because of Kristine’s knowledge, treatment and direction that I’m in such good health. My nephrologist can’t even understand how I have progressed for the better over the past 25 years. Kristine is always there for me and my family with answers to any questions I may have for her. It is a pleasure setting up an appointment and arriving at her office because I’ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes for her to see me. I will continue to see Kristine as long as I can for maintenance visits. Kristine has also treated my husband, daughter, son and granddaughter and has been able to use diet, nutriants and her knowledge to educate all of us on how to take a holistic approach to staying healthy.”


Dr. Mike Kirk , Owner , Performance Health and Chiropractic “Dr. Allcroft is a very kind, compassionate healthcare practitioner. Her unique combination of treatment modalities and bedside manner allows her to achieve amazing results with her patients. I have full confidence that when I refer my patients to her they will be treated well and will experience great results!”



Noam Yalon says: “The high level of service and attention to the patient provided by Dr. Allcroft at The Body Works Neuromuscular Reeducation is simply not available at a conventional Doctor’s office. Most doctors give you five to fifteen minutes of their time which often is not enough. Dr. Allcroft gave me the time necessary to provide the quality of care needed to resolve medical issues that were not resolved through conventional medicine. Dr. Allcroft is a great listener and offers solutions to medical issues that I have not found elsewhere within the medical community.”

Mary Klaus says: “Kristine brings years of experience, a thorough knowledge, an holistic point of view, a curious mind and an incredibly caring nature to her work. She takes the time to listen and to explain so that there is ultimate collaboration between patient and health care practitioner – and therefore a good chance for success. In the past, she was the only one who was able to get to the root of some tricky health issues for me. Today, Kristine is the only health care practitioner I go to.”



Andee Saper says: “Dr. Allcroft is a wonderful doctor. I started going to her last year after I was informed by my vascular doctor that they could not do anything more for me. I suffer from a condition where my legs swell and am forced to wear compression stocking. No only has she helped to control my swelling, but has reduced the scar tissue on my leg. I would highly recommend Dr. Allcroft for anyone who feels that they have no where else to turn. She is compassionate and really cares about her patients.”