What is Reiki?

The Body Works! REIKI Training Program


The word REIKI comes from the Japanese andmeans “universal life energy.”  REI”describes the universal and limitless aspect of this energy, while “KI” represents the life force, which is in all living things.  This “KI” is the same energy that is known as “Chi” by the Chinese, “Prana” by the Hindus in India, and “Mana” by the Kahunas in Hawaii.  

The origin of REIKI dates back 10,000 years into the ancient history of Japan, Egypt, China and Tibet.  It has been used as a system of “hand-on healing” in India, China and Japan and came to us in the United States through Dr. Mikao Usui.  Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered REIKI in the middle of the 19th century.usui

 REIKIenergy can be used anytime, anywhere, and by anyone, even the very young.  There is no special equipment required. 

REIKIenergy is constantly flowing and moving.  It will go where it is needed and in the quantity needed.  It works well with other types of healing modalities and will help them be more effective, enabling the healing process to succeed more rapidly.

How doesREIKIwork?

 REIKIis universal life force energy.  People of all faiths, religions, ideologies, and philosophies use this REIKIenergy.  It is a transcendental energy, which combines with and activates the innate energy that exists in everything.  The practice of REIKI promotes wellness and healing on all levels, of the body, mind and spirit.

  REIKI assists the body in healing itself by balancing the body’s energies and bringing body, mind, and spirit into proper alignment. It is completely safe, totally natural, and holistic. The result of a treatment with REIKI is that we ameliorate the cause and not just the symptoms.






 A “Fundamentals of Energy” course is taught in one 2 1/2 hour seminar format. This course is provided for those who wish to acquaint themselves with the principles of  working in the human energy field.  This course teaches how to connect with your own energy field and the energy field of those around you.

  REIKI practitioner training is taught in three sections:

 In Level I, the history of REIKI is taught, as well as how to do REIKIon self, family and friends. The first four energy attunements are passed.

In Level II, the three sacred symbols and their uses are taught, as well as the passing of the second set of attunements. The second degree attunements provide a “quantum leap” in vibratory level at least 4 times greater than Level I. The second degree attunements initiate a 21 day cleansing process.

REIKILevel I and Level II is taught in a combined two-day seminar format. 

IMPORTANT!! A waiting period is required before advancement to the

Level III training.


Master Level Practitioner and

                               Master Level PractitionerTrainer.

 The Practitioner receives the Master level attunement and is empowered to use the Master symbols on others, while the Practitioner-Trainer receives an additional attunement and is empowered to use the symbols as well as teach and empower other REIKI practitioners. 

 The Master Level Practitioner course is taught in a one day seminar format.

 The Master Level Practitioner-Trainer course is taught in a combined two-day seminar format.

Once attuned to the REIKI energy, you will retain the connection throughout this lifetime. The more it is used, the more powerful it becomes.  It is healing energy, and energy never tires.



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